8 May 2021

yet another STANAG-4481F 50-75Bd broadcast

5716.0 KHz (cf): STANAG-4481F (apparently) 75Bd fleet broadcast from NAU Isabela (PTR), running with the "odd" and already observerd 3-bit format (Figure 1).

Fig. 1

Removing the third column which contains the replicated bits and then reshaping the resulting bitstream to a 7-bit pattern, it turns out the actual 50Bd speed and the usual KW-46/KIV-7 encrypted stream (Figure 2).

Fig. 2
As mentioned, this behavior has already been noted previously in STANAG-4481F transmissions from NSY Niscemi, AJE Barford and just from NAU: for more informations, the related posts are grouped under a specific tag.


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