7 May 2021

Canada's East Coast Navy STANAG-4481P broadcasts

STANAG-4481 PSK (4481-P) waveform carrying the KW-46 secured fleet broadcast of the Canada's East Coast Navy.  STANAG-4481P is basically a STANAG-4285 sub-mode which adopts fixed 300 bps data-rate and long interleaving. As well as 4285, 4481-P is mostly used in  NATO Naval broadcast  due to its repeated preamble for which it's easy to maintain sync during long transmissions.  

Fig. 1
Fig. 2 - x^31+x^3+1 m-sequence used to sync the receive KW-46 unit

Transmitter site is most likely the Naval radio Station (NRS) of Newport Corner (NS). Both the NRS Newport Corner transmitter and NRS Mill Cove receivers were automated and are currently operated by HMCS Trinity at CFB Halifax [1]. 

Fig. 3 - TDoA results


[1] https://military.wikia.org/wiki/CFB_Halifax

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