25 November 2021

HARRIS PSK8 2400 Bd Digital Voice, an autobaud waveform?

Discussing with my fiend ANgazu about the HARRIS Digital Voice waveform (see this post), it turns out that likely that waveform is designed to provide the autobaud feature which is coded - in our opinion - in its initial header just before the normal frames' structure. As shown in figure 1, the "presumed" autobaud header consists of 8 frames each with a duration of 13.3 ms and a length of 32 bit (given the PSK2 modulation at 2400 Bd) for a total length of 256 bit. The synchronization functions would then be performed by the preamble sequences which are transmitted every 106.6 ms.  The autobaud function it may be necessary  since, according to the RF-5800 data sheet, the narrowband digital voice mode may use MELP and LPC-10 algorithms at 2400 and 600 bps.

Fig. 1 - the presumed autobaud header

Moreover, looking at the bitstream of an entire session (figure 2) it can be argued that the shorter segments are used for the management of the voice-link (ARQ mode); selcall, link setup and link closure are performed by the HARRIS specific waveform.

Fig. 2

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