26 August 2019

6 KHz wideband OFDM-160 PSK2/QAM-16

6 KHz wideband OFDM-160 30.469 Bd/37.5 Hz PSK2 & QAM-16 spotted on 10342 KHz (CF), probably it's connectd to the OFDM-80 seen a few days ago. Some packages of this  transmission have PSK2 modulation, other QAM-16. ACF of the transfers is equal to zero. As suggested by my friend KarapuZ, for a correct analysis it is necessary to load only the central body of a package excluding preamble and trailer.
Friends from radioscanner.ru have noticed versions of this OFDM with QPSK, PSK8, and QAM-32 modulations in the channels.

Transfers begin and end with short MFSK sessions although they are shifted upwards with respect to the central frequency of the OFDM. Don't know if the MFSK waveforms are used for link establishment or for other communication-oriented signaling.

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