22 December 2018

some recent (unid) catches in the 8 MHz band

STANAG-4285 async operations

Transmission heard on 8167.0 KHz/usb consisting of S4285 600bps/L transfer. After demodulation, the bitstream reveals ITA2 5N1.5 async operation with encrypted data and looks like the format seen here which is possibly used by Turkish-Mil.


MIL 188-110A bursts

Since several days I've been listening to 188-110A Serial Tone bursts on 8058.0 KHz/usb, 600bps short interleaving is the used mode. Burst last 1200ms and have a spacing of 500ms.  The long (hours) sessions continuously send the same 240-bit pattern. 

Fig. 1 - 240 bit pattern (reshaped to bytes)
TDoA runs point to Spain. 

Fig. 2


MFSK-4 100Bd/400

short transmission heard on 8180.0 KHz/usb, unfortunatelly I went very late on it and I have not had the chance to listen to it anymore. My friend KarapuZ suggests Russian source.


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