16 November 2018

email over hf using FED-1052 DLP and "IDEA" encryption (2)

Yet another interesting catch of an email-over-hf session using FED-1052 Datalink Protocol (DLP, Appendix B) and IDEA encryption. The transmission was recorded on 09187.0 KHz/usb 1357z: encrypted MIL 188-141A 2G-ALE to set up links and switch to MIL 188-110A serial tone waveform for emal traffic via FED-1052 App.B DLP (Data Link Protocol); ASCII-7 data are encrypetd using CFB64 "IDEA" algorithm. Headers are unencoded so you can read both the sender and recipient, in this sample:
sender: ZJ1, root@bfzj1f1.is.bf.intra2.admin.ch
recipient: ZA1, statist@bf.intra2.admin.ch
email ID: "stat-ZJ1-20181113135501" (2018.11.13, time: 135501)
The FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) "intra2.admin.ch" indicated in the e-mail addresses suggests an intranet of the central administration of the Swiss Federation: likely this is the Swiss Army or the Diplo Service.
A more detailed post about such transmissions can be read here.

Fig. 1 - on air signals, MIL 188-110A Serial Tone waveform
Fig. 2 - FED-1052 App.B stream

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