3 February 2016

THALES Skymaster, "skyhopper" mode

This is the Thales Skymaster ALE in Skyhopper mode, heard on 16360.0 KHz/USN at 0814. The signal use very short bursts, in this sample an initial GFSK (GMSK) is followed by MFSK-8 bursts each 200ms and 400ms. MFSK-8 bursts consist of eight 250 Hz spaced tones, 125 Baud speed: the parameters are the same of  MS188-141 2G-ALE but this is the only common thing.
Unless to get a good recording, the GFSK study is quite difficult since the short duration of the burst, friends of  radioscanner suggest OQPSK modulation at a rate of 2000 Baud. These burst are better clear in the upper part of the above image.

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