19 March 2018

WI2XER, Skycast Experimental Radio Station?

Few days ago, 16 March, I spotted on 7703.0 KHz/USB (cf 7704.8) a transmission consisting of 30 unmodulated tones, 100Hz spaced, lasting 20.7 secs and followed by Morse ID “WI2XER”. I wonder if it’s related to the Experimental Radio Station (ERS) run by Skycast. Quoting SWLIng "Skycast (WI2XER) is a station in the Experimental Radio Service, licensed under Part 5 of the FCC Rules."
Skycast recently renewed the license so probably they conduct test also in the 7 MHz band:
I tried to email Skycast asking a confirm of the intercept, so far no reply.


April, 6 Spotted on 12140 at 1342z

April, 4  Spotted on 113905.5 at 1304z