23 October 2017

Japanese Navy "Slot Machine" w/ traffic forwards

Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force ashore transmission from Ichihara, also known as "Japanese Slot Machine" (Enigma Designation XSL), with traffic segments  heard on 8590 KHz. Modulation used is QPSK 1500Bd (Fig. 1). The data frame structure consists of 140 symbols (28K+112U) with a 700-symbol super-frame (Figs. 2,3).
Streaming from remote SDR HL5NTR in South Korea, kindly sent me by ANgazu.
Fig. 1 - used modulation and ACF value

Fig. 2 - 140 symbols (28K+112U) frame structure

Fig. 3 - 700 symbols super-frame (5 frames length)


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