12 October 2016


signal heard on 5892.0 KHz/USB, 0758 UTC, most likely from Austrian Military. AutoCall is a proprietary ALE waveform by Israeli Elbit Systems "TADIRAN" communication system. AutoCall delivers faster and more reliable link establishment and is recommended when greater tactical efficiency is critical; AutoCall is used eg in TADIRAN HF-6000 radio system. HF-6000 system is also sold by Telefunken Racoms.
model VRC-6020 (20 W)
Some characteristic elements of the signal can be observed from the sonogram:
  • the 1000-Hz tuning/sync beep which preceeds all transmissions;
  • the proprietary MFSK-4 Autocall system's tones centered at 2850 Hz, serving a variety of linking and communication functions;
  • the four tones located at 2400, 2700, 3000 and 3300 Hz

Manipulation speed is 125 symbols/sec and the step between two tones is 300Hz. 

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