13 November 2015

an HF Ionosonde "VIPIR"

This sample sounds like the Wallops Island WI937 HF Ionosonde "VIPIR" (Vertical Incident Pulsed Ionospheric Radar),  seen around 1330 UTC on the 12MHz band... although the vertical incidence leads to think to a similar radar close to my QTH.

A possible source could be the Istanbul VIPIR in Turkey:

Dynasonde is an advanced technique of ionospheric radio sounding, the only existing one that fully implements the phase-based methods of radio measurements. The dynasonde setup at the Ionospheric Observatory of the Istanbul Technical University is a continuously operating complex of the newest Scion HF Radar ("VIPIR") and the data processing software Dynasonde Software Suite 2012 including its 3-D plasma density inversion procedure.

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