25 August 2015

prob. V22 Chinese number station

As reported in http://www.numbersoddities.nl/Chinese-stations.pdf "it seems that V22 station have been replaced by a digital mode(s). A so far unid mode very similar (if not equal) to PSK-63F (BPSK 62.5 Bd) used by HAMs has been noted on V22's frequencies but it cannot be decoded by HAM software neither in BPSK-63 nor in PSK-63F". 

There are no evidence or proof about the source/user which are behind these waveforms, only "rumors" as those reported in the above document. Anyway, me and Karapuz heard what is possibly the V22 station, or a "Chinese number station", running in BPSK at 62.5Bd and in DQPSK at 62.5 and 250 Bd on 9611.5, 14941.0 and 15799.0 KHz USB/cf, as sumarized in the pictures below.
All the recordings, as usual, are available on request for your analysis.

BPSK 62.5 Bd, 14941.0 KHz

DQPSK 62.5 Bd, 15799.0 KHz
DQPSK 250.0 Bd, 9609.5 KHz

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