10 August 2015

Unid MFSK-11 waveforms


Heard today on 12167.0 KHz USB starting from 1250z, the recordings of these two signals are available on request. The upper waveform (Pic. wf1) exhibits 11 tones, step between tones 250 Hz and speed = 125 Baud x carrier quite the same as MIL 188-141 ALE. 
The second waveform in Pic. wf2, more complex, has segments in which are sent only a certain subset of tones.

It's difficult to say anything for sure about it, this signals is reported as CIS MFSK-11 here and classified as "unid" in an "old" post (October 2013) by Karapuz in radioscanner.ru. Browsing the web, only some reports of receptions and nothing else about identification and users.
Below a complete dump of a decoding of a short tramission, the first that has been heard:


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