26 January 2016

Iranian-QPSK 468.75, 937.5 Baud

Heard on 10724.0 KHz and 17382.2 (cF) on USB at 2120z, this signal is known as "Iranian-QPSK" since its QPSK modulation QPSK. For what is known, the Iranian-QPSK occurs in some variants that differ in speed such as: 1875, 937.5, 468.75 and 207 Baud. It seems that there is also a variant with a speed of 234 baud. The 207 Baud waveform is reported in radioscanner.ru while qrg.globaltuners.com   identifies the signal as belonging to the Iranian Navy: I did not find such match looking at UDXF logs.


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