16 November 2014

XSQ - Guangzhou Coast Station

Guangzhou Coast Station is one of the China's largest coast station in southern China and was established in October 14, 1949.
Guangzhou coast station is directly under the Guangdong Maritime Safety Agency. The staff is 176 of employees people: 122 people in the post, four senior titles, intermediate title 12 people, technical staff of 76 people.

Main functions:

1, implementation of the party and state policies and directives and superior decisions;

2, responsible for the South China Sea maritime safety information broadcast, distress and safety duty and other services, to provide security communications for ships at sea;

3, provide maritime radio communication services and special communications tasks assigned by superiors for international and domestic shipping;

4, provide ship-shore communication technology and social counseling services, ship guided escrow and other public services;

5, take charge of the Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration water traffic safety supervision communications, information systems, communication lines, communication networks and other construction and maintenance;

6, in accordance with the authorization, responsible for issuing work within the jurisdiction of the ship station licens

From January 1, 2014, Guangzhou coast stations offer free boat ship - shore public (official) communications services.

 radio station long line facilities and equipment

Guangzhou coast station is a three-site formula coast station:

Wanqingsha: receiving station
Nangang: center console (located in Huangpu, Guangzhou Development Zone)
Luogang: transmitting station(Eastern Guangzhou City, covering about 35 thousand square meters)

and other nine minor base stations.

eMail: gzrdo@gzrdo.com
Address: Room 1101, No. 40, Guangzhou Bin Jiangxi
Radio Telephone: 020-83295815 Office Tel: 020-83295554 

Guangdong Coast VHF system server, automatic DSC, AIS terminal

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