3 February 2022

a curious STANAG-4285 transmission

Really curious STANAG-4285 transmission sent me by my friend IK1YDE Andrea who was the first to spot and analyze the signal. The oddity is that, after S4285 demodulation, the Initialization Vectors, as well as being repeated within each message, consist of the unique(!) and a bit "basic" sequence: 0x0001000100010001 (see figure below).
Actually, KG-84/KIV-7 devices use 2 x 128-bit sequences as IV and these sequences - as well as in other crypto devices - change with each new message, even if the same message is repeated (in this case 0xFFC00000000000000000000000000000).  

Fig. 1
Andrea heard that transmissions on 4165.6 KHz/USB, the only (Freq/Mode) match I found dates back to 2005 and refers to French-Ny FUE. No other interception in recent days, even if sporadically monitored.  No idea what this transmission is, maybe tests of new setup?

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