5 January 2022

Yet another 75Bd (actual 50)/850 FSK

Yet another 75Bd (actual 50)/850 FSK bearing KW-46 encrypted broadcast spotted on 5189.50 KHz CF, this time probably(?!) sourced from some France AF base (figure 2). The reason of that "format" is still unclear, at least to me (1).

Fig. 1

It should be noted that not all the French sites in figure 2 host HF transmitters, as well as the possibility of some uncertainties of the current TDoA algorithm in finding the origin of FSK signals (as suggested by my friend Linkz); figure 3 shows the Direction Finding results got with the "old" TDoA algorithm: results point the coast of south UK.

Fig. 2 - Direction Finding TDoA results

Fig. 3 - Direction Finding TDoA results (old algorithm)


(1) https://i56578-swl.blogspot.com/p/75bd-actual-50bd-4481f.html

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