19 April 2018

FSK two channels in F7B mode, likely an UKR-Net

On 13960.0 KHz I tuned  an apparently MFSK-4 100Bd/1000 transmission spreading about 3000Hz bandwidth: tones at -1500, -500, +500, +1500. After emails exchange with friends, "cryptomaster" from radioscanner suggested that the signal is a F7B mode actively used by Ukrainian Nets. Usually, the two channels transfer T-207 ciphered data. He also warned me that SA program parses these transmissions as classic MFSK-4 therefore the received result doesn't correspond to the truth. Another F7B signal, this one from Ukrainian Mil, was reported here some times ago.

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
The F7B transmission mode deals with signals consisting of two independent, but synchronous channels carrying teletype signals. Modulation used is MFSK-4 (more precisely, FSK2 on 2 independent channels).

The equipment BUK-2D, for example, is one of the equipments used to filter and separate the two channels (thanks to 'cryptomaster').

Fig. 3 - BUK-2D equipment


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  1. So this is a thing of combining signals to get the truth? Someday I may see the light, or not.