2 December 2017

Baudot FSK 50Bd/100

This FSK transmission was copied on 6330.8 (cf) at 1128z: shift is clearly 100Hz while some problems arise when measuring the speed. Indeed, the measurement of the speed based on FFT may fail in case of non-integer number of bits as in Baudot/ITA2 code where the stop bit lasts 1.5 bit: in this case SA assumes an integer number of bits, so  it prints out a value of 53.47 Baud (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1
In such cases the speed shall be measured using the "raster" tool of SA (Fig. 2): the structure of the frame is 7.5 bit (1 bit start, 5 bit of data and 1.5 stop bit) and the time line is 299.4 msec for 15 bit that makes a speed of 50 Baud.

Fig. 2

Baudod decoders work fine and print out the content of the message after the RYRY sequence, in this case: "ZHGD ZHGD ZHGD DE N4O4 N4O4 N4O4 QRK ? +?". The user is not identified, probably Russian Military.

Fig. 4

my friend KarapuZ catch a similar transmission on 5565.0/USB,  callsigns are very similar to the once I had: "ZBNV ZBNV DE 7X6R 7X6R 7X6R QRK ? +?". 

So far, these are the heard callsigns:
N4O4, 7X6R


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