15 March 2017

3G MDL with BW3-32 (LDL) burst waveform

Yet another over-the-air example of 3G Multicast Data Link (MDL) protocol copied on 7700.0 KHz/USB at 2206 UTC, 14 Mar: this time the BW3 waveform from the LDL protocol, the one with a 32-byte payload (most robust), has been used.

The One-way Point-To-Multipoint (PTM) FLSU_Request PDU specifies the group address as its destination and the originating station address as its source. The Channel field is normally set to ‘111111’ to indicate that the channel carrying this PDU will also be used for the traffic. The Traffic Type field indicates which of the MDL modes will be used to carry the traffic.

The carried message has been secured using Harris "Citadel" encryption, as well as the FLSU_Request (sent in Linking Protection mode).


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