9 July 2015

French Navy OMAR HF-NG

09/07/15 14716.6 1OMFUJ French Navy OMAR net Noumea, NCL 0555z USB MIL 188-141A clg 1OMFUM then into THALES TRC-1752 modem Stanag-4285

OMAR (Organisation MARitime des transmissions haute fréquence) HF New-Generation program had the task to modernize all the High-Frequency transmissions media of about 80 assets of the Ocean forces of the French Navy, maintaining interoperability with other NATO Navy. The project was committed to Thomson-CSF (now THALES):

The ALE calls logged here show the common prefix 1OM (One Organisation Maritime) followed by the usual French Navy IDs:
FUJ = Noumea, New Caledonia
FUM = Papeete, French Polinesia

I do not know if the "1" in the prefix stands for HQ or something other: there are logs that report such ALE calls just w/out any number (OMFUF) as well as calls with a different number (2OMFUM).

About the waveforms, the ALE one is a plain MIL 188-141A while the PSK segments have all the characteristics inherent STANAG-4285 (serial tone carrier 1800 Hz, speed 2400 baud and modulation PSK-8) but they are not recognized by such decoders. 

The lack of PSK strength does not allow an accurate analysis, but given the presence of Thomson-CSF/THALES in the OMAR project, it is very likely that it could be the TRC-1752 modem PSK-8 waveform, as reported here: http://signals.radioscanner.ru/base/signal101/
(I already heard this wavefrom on March http://i56578-swl.blogspot.it/search/label/THALES%20TRC-1752).

Looking for TRC-1752 modem, it seems to be replaced by the new 17xx HF multi-mode modem family:

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