26 March 2015

CIS-45 v2 HDR modem 40 Bd BPSK

CIS-45 Ch, Russian 45 tones HDR modem, version 2 http://signals.radioscanner.ru/base/signal230/
CIS-45 version 2 shows a reduced CP and manipulation speed increased to 40 Hz so the maximum operating speed is increased to 1800 bps. In general, the signal is the same as CIS-45 HDR modem version 1.

Bandwidth: ~ 3200 Hz
Number of channels: 45 + 1 pilot tone (~ 3350 Hertz)
Manipulation in the channels: 2-PSK
Step between channels (frequency net/grid): 62.5 Hz
Manipulation speed (Baud rate): 40

45 tone and pilot tone (spectrum)

Here is another CIS-45 reception (25 mar) that shows a better signal quality in the upper channels:

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