22 February 2015

"Ghadir": Iranian OTH burst radar

Ghadir, the Over The Horizon (OTH) Radar from Iran, is daily transmitting on our 10 m-band, often long lasting on 28245 kHz. 

You can hear a high and a low tone, corresponding to the sweeprates of 870 and 307 sweeps/sec. sent in two separated bursts. The system is  about 60 kHz wide, the splatters are covering +/- 250 kHz.
In June 2014, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp Aerospace Force (IRGC-ASF) unveiled the ‘Ghadir’ over-the-horizon (OTH) radar at an undisclosed site near the city of Garmsar in the Semnan province east of Tehran. According to media reports, the Ghadir is a 360°, 3D-radar, with a ceiling of 300 km, and a maximum range of 1,100 km.

The site itself is located about 13 km southeast of the city itself, where the county’s rural farmland meets the desert. Google Earth offers imagery of the site from 09/2009, 08/2011, and 07/2013. The site is isolated, with no nearby garrisons or other air-defense sites.
Contradicting media reports, which claim that the radar was first tested during the Payambar-e Azam 6 exercises in June 2011, imagery from 08/2011 shows that construction had not yet begun by this time.

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