15 August 2014

French Navy on HF (USB/Stanag-4285)

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The French Navy, officially the Marine nationale ("National Navy") and casually called La Royale, is the maritime arm of the French military. Tracing its roots back from 1624 it is one of the world's oldest naval forces and historically played a key part in establishing the French colonial empire.
The motto of the navy is Honneur, patrie, valeur, discipline ("Honour, Motherland, Valour, Discipline") and these words are found on the deck of every ship in the fleet. Since 2008, its roles have been defined as maintaining intelligence, protecting populations, preventing crises, intervening wherever necessary to reestablish peace, and dissuading any threats against vital French interests. The French Navy does not use prefixes of the names of its ships (such as the Royal Navy uses HMS, for instance). Foreign commentators sometimes use the prefixes "FS" (for "French Ship") or FNS (for "French Navy Ship"); these are not official, however.

The French Navy is 44,000 men and women (37,000 military and 7,000 civilians) serving France, with more than 180 ships, 200 aircraft and 6 commandos units. Assuring a permanence presence of: 30 ships at sea, 5 aircraft in the air, an SSBN undersea. All those units are shared between 6 specific forces. As a blue-water navy the Marine nationale operates a wide range of fighting vessels, including a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, nuclear-powered submarines, frigates, patrol boats and support ships. 
Major naval bases in use are; Toulon, Brest, Ile Longue and Cherbourg in Metropolitan France. Fort de France, Degrad des Cannes, Port des Galets, Nouméa and Papeete at Overseas departments and territories. As well as bases in foreign countries such as Abu Dhabi, Dakar and Djibouti.
La Régine hosts a Very Low Frequency (VLF) Naval communications facility. Using 28 transmitters and antennas (the highest one over 300m) the facility provides contact with the French nuclear ballistic missile submarines at sea.
It's official callsign is FUG.

STANAG-4285 well known callsigns
FUE Brest
FUV Djbouti
FUF/OMFUF Martinique
FUG La Regine/Saissac
6WW Dakar
FUM Papeete/Thaiti
FUX Reunion 
FUJ Noumea
FUO Toulon

Below, some screenshots about my receptions of the French Navy stations operating on HF USB/STANAG-4285:

FUV - Djbouti

FUF - Fort de France, Martinica

FUM - Papeete, French Polynesia
6WW - Dakar, Senegal

FUE - Brest, France
FUG8 - La regine, France

FUG12 - La Regine, France
All information in this document was submitted by independent radio monitors or has been obtained from public available sources and public sites on the web. Wherever data was obtained via the web or elsewhere, references and/or links to these sources have been noted.
French Navy HF fleet broadcast is discussed here:

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