25 March 2015

CIS-60 HDR modem 30 Bd, π/4-DQPSK

heard this morning on 14259.0 USB at 0720z, this is the second mode of the so-called "CIS-60" family: a CIS/Russian  OFDM HDR modem 60-tones + 1 pilot. 
Unlike the transmission heard yesterday, and reported in another post, the manipulation speed is 30 Baud per channel and modulation in channels is π/4-DQPSK; the channel separations remains at 44.44 hertz. I just would remember that the CIS-60 first mode is a π/8-DQPSK-8, 35.5 Baud mode.

Bandwidth: ~ 3000 Hz
Number of channels: 60 + 1 pilot tone (~ 3300 Hertz)
Manipulation in the channels: π/4-DQPSK
Step between channels (frequency net/grid): 44.44 Hz
Manipulation speed (Baud rate): 30 

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