15 March 2015

CIS-12: an example of link-setup

heard (or better.. "seen") on 14 March at 10556.0 USB (10558.0 cf) 0740z. I posted the log and a short recording within a short analysis to UDXF list and below the interesting comments  by Trond Jacobsen - Hvaler archipelago, SE Norway (59.0333N 11.0333E JO59MA).

"The initial part of the opchat could have been very short. Most likely they migrated from another frequency and already had agreed on using CIS-12 (QYT4), - and just sendt a "qrv?" and got "qrv" in return. This was then followed up by a "qnj" (can you copy me), the op replies and they set up the crypto link.
Note that some Russian units key the second (in this case the third) tone of the CIS-12 in Morse to send opchat, in preference to using a separate Morse net like the navy does.

 1) the op told the other end of the link that "I copy you well" (QNJ3):

 2) and that they are ready to use "special equipment" (QJB3):

Interesting that they used "qnj" instead of "qrj" (QNJ has a wider range of response (1-5) then QNJ (1-3)) and that they used the additional QJB3 prior to the use of the CIS-12 as CIS-12 in itself is "special equipment" and is arranged used with the qyt4.
Drill or excersise maybe ??

Thanks to Trond for the his interesting commets.

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