7 November 2018

IP over HF via STANAG-5066 RCOP, MIL 188-110A as HF waveform

Interesting transmissions spotted on 9105.0 KHz/usb at 1240z, user/locations are unid, maybe form US-Mil stations? The transfer concerns IP-over-HF (IPoHF) via STANAG-5066 RCOP protocol [1]: 1380 bytes IP packets are exchanged in directions -> and -> , ESP (IPSec) secure protocol is used.  MIL-STD 188-110A Serial is used as the HF waveform. STANAG-5066 Addresses ( belong to US-DoD. Similar transmissions was heard on 8th October on 13378.0 KHz/usb using 188-110A and S4539 QAM-64 as HF bearers (discussed here) maybe the user is the same.
The sequence of the figures illustrates the various steps that have been performed in the analysis of the signal.

Fig. 1 - 188-110A on-air symbols
Fig. 2 - STANAG-5066 bitstream after the removal of 188-110A overhead
Fig. 3 - hex-dump after the removal of STANAG-5066

The hex-dump file resulting after the removal of STANAG-5066 PDUs encapsulations has been processed using "wireshark" software: IPv4 addresses and headers as well as IPSec encapsulation are clearly visible.

Fig. 4 -


[1] https://www.isode.com/whitepapers/ip-over-stanag-5066.html


3 November 2018

two interesting FSK catches: 74.5Bd /250 and 75Bd/200

1) FSK 74.5Bd/250
Some FSK 74.5Bd/250 short transmissions (Fig. 1) have been heard on 11018.0 KHz (CF) sending the same seven bits pattern in postive and in negative polarity (Fig. 2). Since the short transmission time I coould not DF the transmission site.

Fig. 1
Fig. 2
 FSK 74.5Bd/250

2) FSK 75Bd/200
The FSK 75Bd/200 (Fig. 3) is a continuous transmission that can be heard on 8408.0 KHz (CF), most likely an encrypted broadcast (shore-to-ship ?). Several TDoA runs point to the West Mediterranean sea area: the Tx location could be Algeria or Balearic Islands (Fig. 4).

Fig. 3
Fig. 4

The demodulated bitstream does not exhibit ACF spikes (ACF = 0) after normal and differential decoding and can be descrambled using the polynomial x^8+x^6+x+1 but without appreciable results.
A similar transmission (FSK 75Bd/200) was heard on 11 Jan 2018 on 4540.0 KHz. In that case, after differential decoding, the stream showed up a clear 365-bit period (Fig. 5) which is due to the sequence of the scrambler polynomial x^7+x^6+1. The descrambled stream is shown in Figure 6 (thanks to cryptomaster).

Fig. 5
Fig. 6

1 November 2018

(some) October logs

06205.0: ELETTRA11: Italian Ny, I 0822 USB/J3E radio-check with IBIS11 (11Oct18) (AAI)
06690.0: BD9: Unid (Moroccan-Pol ?) 0632 USB 188-141 2G-ALE calling T4N (24Oct18) (AAI)
06733.0: 6628: Ascott-6628 RAF USB 1007 J3E/USB requesting wx reports to TASCOMM for LFLL, LFMN, LICJ, LMML (20Oct18) (AAI)
06922.0: ---: Unid 0824 USB 3G-HF 2-way FLSU handshake / LDL96 transfer,83 bytes 'Citadel' encrypted file (11Oct18) (AAI)
06931.0: ---: Unid (prob from Croatia) 0828 USB STANAG-4285 600bps/S, 2 stations exchanging 128-bit MI encrypted msgs (11Oct18) (AAI)
07559.0: ---: Unid 0715 USB 3G-HF FLSU handshake / HDL24 transfer (24Oct18) (AAI)
07606.0: ---: Unid 0910 USB NILE/Link-22, STANAG-4539 TDMA Waveform #2 (09Oct18) (AAI)
07625.0: ---: Unid 2150 ISB Link-11 CLEW (30Oct18) (AAI)
07856.0: SE3: Polish-Mil, POL 1034 USB MIL 188-141 2G-ALE calling EM4 (31Oct18) (AAI)
07961.0: 32X: Unid 0748 USB 188-141 2G-ALE calling DRX (22Oct18) (AAI)
07961.0: 32X: Unid 0749 USB 188-141 2G-ALE calling DRY (22Oct18) (AAI)
07961.0: FAY: Unid 0638 USB 188-141 2G-ALE calling DRX (24Oct18) (AAI)
08086.0: NX10: Algerian-Mil, ALG 0900 USB 188-141 2G-ALE handshake KB23 / MIL 188-110A Serial (20Oct18) (AAI)
08132.0: BP25: Bundes Polizei patrol vessel "Bayreuth", D 0835 USB 188-141 2G-ALE handshake BPLEZSEE HQ / GM2X00 HF modem serial waveform, updating GPS position (23Oct18) (AAI)
08162.0: 093: Hungarian Defense Forces, HNG 0755 USB 188-141 2G-ALE calling 035 (22Oct18) (AAI)
08190.0: --- : Unid 0645 USB 3G-HF HDL+ transfer (18Oct18) (AAI)
08190.0: CAPPELLETTI: GdF Patrol Boat Cappeletti G094, I 1005 USB 188-141A 2G-ALE handshake ROMA, sending email using R&S PostMan II and X.25 over GM2100 modem (11Oct18) (AAI)
08218.0: ---: Unid 1720 USB 3G-HF 2-way FLSU handshake / HDL+ transfer (03Oct18) (AAI)
08677.0: ---: Unid, prob. KNL Networks CNHF (Cognitive Networked HF) 0725 USB PSK-2 48000Bd waveform, 576-bit period (16Oct18) (AAI)
08684.5: ---: Unid, prob. KNL Networks CNHF (Cognitive Networked HF) 0742 USB BPSK/QPSK 2400Bd waveform (11Oct18) (AAI)
08722.0: AB1: Maltese Navy, MLT 1745 USB 188-141A 2G-ALE calling EB7 (03Oct18) (AAI)
09120.o: PP7: Polish-Mil, POL 1152 USB 188-141 2G-ALE calling ML2 (23Oct18) (AAI)
09162.0: ---: Unid 1204 USB 3G-HF FLSU handshake / LDL448 transfer, 859 bytes 'Citadel' encrypted file (23Oct18) (AAI)
10185.0: MIRADOR2: Unid 1417 USB 188-141A 2G-ALE sounding (06Oct18) (AAI)
11118.0: ---: Unid 0607 USB (offset + 1500Hz) Siemens CHX200 F1-modem (CHP-200) FSK 249Bd & 250Bd/170Hz, selcall mode (10Oct18) (AAI)
12194.0: CM6: Commandement de la 6e Région Militaire Tamanrasset, ALG 0638 USB 188-141 2G-ALE calling TIN (18Oct18) (AAI)
12457.0: ---: Unid, prob. KNL Networks CNHF (Cognitive Networked HF) 1340 USB 6KHz WideBand PSK-2 4800bps waveform (14Oct18) (AAI)
12780.0: ---: Unid, prob. KNL Networks CNHF (Cognitive Networked HF) 0810 USB 18KHz WideBand PSK-2 19200bps waveform (14Oct18) (AAI)
13378.0: ---: Unid 0848 USB MIL 110A & STANAG-4539, STANAG-5066 IP-over-HF sessions (01Oct18) (AAI)
17398.2: ---: DHFCS Cyprus Is. Overseas Stn 1120 USB STANAG-4285/1200bps 1536-bit TDM protocol (prob. DRS GA-205 multiplexer) (28Oct18) (AAI)