4 July 2020

STANAG-4481F from NSY, back to normal op

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After a period during which the signals showed a strange behavior consisting of a 3-bit period (which in some way "simulated" a 50Bd speed), it seems that the transmissions from NSY Niscemi have back to normal 75Bd operations. So far, I checked almost all the channels except 8145.0 and 8204.5 KHz (and 13229.0 Khz but from NAU Isabela).

Fig. 1 -  6732 KHz from NSY Niscemi in different dates
There is however a peculiarity that is noteworthy: according to my logs and analysis NSY is the only station that uses KW-46 encryption - instead of KG-84 - with the 4481F 75Bd waveform(!), the other stations that use that encryption all adopt the 50Bd waveform. This fact modifies the content of a previous post according to the following diagrams (although provisional).

Fig. 2 - 6732 KHz streams from NSY Niscemi in different dates
Fig. 3

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