24 May 2019

KG-84, KW-46, ...

In this blog I often use terms like "KG-84", "KW-46", "BID",..., as well as the names of other cryptographic devices, but this does not necessarily mean that those devices are physically used ashore or on aboard of ships! Rather than to the equipments, those names must be understood as referring to the used "algorithms", since - unless few exceptions - many of those devices are now obsolete and no longer used. Actually, the algorithms are emulated by interoperable and more compact devices such as - for example - the KIV-7M Programmable Multi-Channel Encryptor that can be used for communicating with a KIV-7 family device or the older KG-84/BID family of devices.
In general:
KG means Key Generator which could be used with any digital input device;
KI is for data transmission;
KW is the prefix for a Teletype encryption device;
KY stands for a voice encryption device. 

Also note that these products are only used by the US Government, their contractors, and federally sponsored non-US Government activities, in accordance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), as well as by NATO and by the administrations of some NATO countries.

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