15 March 2019

Harris WB operations and UK MoD XMPP over HF: interesting confirmations

Reading the Harris and Isode-Babcock presentations at the recent HFIA Meeting in San Diego, CA (February 14, 2019) I had an interesting feedbacks which could confirm the guess I did about:
1) new wideband HF waveforms tested by Harris (the analysis is posted here)
2) XMPP chat over HF by UK MoD (the analysis is posted here).

1) In the Harris presentation "Summary of Harris on-air testing of WBHF systems 2010-2018" you can read that since 2015 Harris began development of a WBHF Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) waveform for use on HF (WHARQ). It supports 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 kHz. WHARQ is bundled in a new radio mode called 3G Wideband IP (3GWBIP) which has been tested extensively on the bench and over the air. On-air 3GWBIP testing took place on november-december 2018 using NVIS link and 150 Watt power.

As posted here, me and some friend of mine saw 3-24 Khz bandwith waveforms with modulations from PSK-8 to QAM-64 and data rates from 75 to 120,000 bps. Although the characteristics such as BWs, modulations and speeds are the same as those indicated in Appendix D of MIL-STD 188-110D (WBHF), these adaptive waveforms definitely do not belong to that standard. 
Maybe we just hear those WHARQ/3GWBIP waveforms?

2) in the Isode-Babcock presentation "UK Mod XMPP over HF Pilot" you find that UK MoD Funded Babcock to run an XMPP over HF trial using Isode XMPP Software. “Group Chat” provided by XMPP Multi-User Chat (MUC) is the core service Highly desirable to use Real Time Chat for Naval and Airborne communication when HF is the only available bearer. In the paper they presentred the trials run to evaluate viability of providing this service over STANAG 5066 ARQ.

Well, I'm happy to see that this paper matches the results posted here

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