7 November 2018

IP over HF via STANAG-5066 RCOP, MIL 188-110A as HF waveform

Interesting transmissions spotted on 9105.0 KHz/usb at 1240z, user/locations are unid, maybe form US-Mil stations? The transfer concerns IP-over-HF (IPoHF) via STANAG-5066 RCOP protocol [1]: 1380 bytes IP packets are exchanged in directions -> and -> , ESP (IPSec) secure protocol is used.  MIL-STD 188-110A Serial is used as the HF waveform. STANAG-5066 Addresses ( belong to US-DoD. Similar transmissions was heard on 8th October on 13378.0 KHz/usb using 188-110A and S4539 QAM-64 as HF bearers (discussed here) maybe the user is the same.
The sequence of the figures illustrates the various steps that have been performed in the analysis of the signal.

Fig. 1 - 188-110A on-air symbols
Fig. 2 - STANAG-5066 bitstream after the removal of 188-110A overhead
Fig. 3 - hex-dump after the removal of STANAG-5066

The hex-dump file resulting after the removal of STANAG-5066 PDUs encapsulations has been processed using "wireshark" software: IPv4 addresses and headers as well as IPSec encapsulation are clearly visible.

Fig. 4 -


[1] https://www.isode.com/whitepapers/ip-over-stanag-5066.html


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