19 March 2018

WI2XER, Skycast Experimental Radio Station?

Few days ago, 16 March, I spotted on 7703.0 KHz/USB (cf 7704.8) a transmission consisting of 30 unmodulated tones, 100Hz spaced, lasting 20.7 secs and followed by Morse ID “WI2XER”. I wonder if it’s related to the Experimental Radio Station (ERS) run by Skycast. Quoting SWLIng "Skycast (WI2XER) is a station in the Experimental Radio Service, licensed under Part 5 of the FCC Rules."
Skycast recently renewed the license so probably they conduct test also in the 7 MHz band:
I tried to email Skycast asking a confirm of the intercept, so far no reply.


April, 6 Spotted on 12140 at 1342z

April, 4  Spotted on 113905.5 at 1304z


  1. just curious, what time did these transmissions occur?

  2. just curious, what time of day did these transmissions occur?

  3. Don't know if these tests are scheduled (most likely they are), I heard them quite casually on 1304 and 2129 UTC.