9 February 2018

unid FSK 400Bd/800 system

Unid FSK system heard around 1005z on 8800 KHz (cf +1200Hz) running at 400 Baud and 800 Hz shift (Figure 1). Unfortunately I went late on the signal so I missed the initial part of the transmission which could have provided more details useful for identification  (at least the encryption, if any).
Running the cross-correlation function, KarapuZ noted spikes at ~4007 msecs (Figure 2) that could mean a period of about 1600-1608 bits length. Hope to catch a complete transfer, but it will not esay.

Fig. 1

@Priyom.org sent me an interesting coment on my twitter account, I'm happy to share here in the blog, thanks my friend:
Hi, this 400Bd/800Hz system is likely yet another Polish Intel development. It is obviously different from their ACF=896 FSK's. It sends Mon/Thu 1000/1005z on 8800u. Here is a complete recording from yesterday:

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