30 September 2017

Nokia M/90 (Panasonic CF-U1): FSK 301-151Bd 780Hz shift

I reported Nokia M/90 / Panasonic CF-U1 301-401Bd/780Hz in this post, this time I copied the 301-151Bd waveform on 10737.7 KHz (cf) around 1235 UTC. In this sample the initial 301Bd burst seems to be used with a different functionality (fig. 1).
Sanomalaite M/90 (SANLA) (Literally "Message device M/90") is a digital, portable and encrypted text-based communications device developed by Nokia and used by all branches of Finnish Defence Forces. From 2013 onward, these devices are being replaced with Panasonic CF-U1 Toughbook.
Fig. 1
Note that also in this case, the preamble is always modulated at 301Bd (fig. 2).
Fig. 2
For what concerns the characteristics of the demodulated stream, refer to the mentioned post.


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