7 October 2015

CIS-3000 and MFSK-64 combined

during these days its pretty easy to see three CIS-3000 bursts before and/or after an MFSK-64 session, mostly in the 20 meter band from the mid morning to all the afternoon. Both the waveforms come out from CIS/Russian modems or transmitters and you might think that this activity is due to the situation in the Middle East countries, but it is just an easy speculation.
In these samples, it seems that the CIS-3000 is used as wake-up/call as well as a sort of EOM: in this direction, it would be interesting to demodulate these burst and compare their contents.
CIS-3000 bursts preceeding the MFSK-68 transfer
CIS-3000 bursts at the end of the MFSK-68 transfer
CIS-3000 constellation: 3000 Baud and PSK-8 modulation

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