23 September 2015

VEZHA-C (ВЕЖА-С), Russian Telegraph

This is a very old Russian telegraph system carrying information possibly for radio check of lines or for other (uknown) purposes. I could not find news about this signal and Russian monitors too do not have detailed informations about it; asking Karapuz and digging radioscanner forum I found the same signal than mine, and then its name "VEZHA-C" (ВЕЖА-С)[1].
The transmission was heard (and monitored for tens of minutes) at 0725z on 12165.0 KHz cf on September 22, and it did not change its format, sending the same "train" of bits and sometimes something like a "sync" signal . My measurements match the ones obtained by the Russian friends: baudrate 100Bd and 500 Hz frequency shift, frame is 162 bits and the the length of the codeword could be 6 bits. It's interesting to notice that - looking at the spectrum as at a Morse code -  the points are exactly 3 times shorter than the dashes.

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