31 August 2015


Pic. 1 - Serdolik OFDM 35-tone
here a signal that is another variant of the Serdolik OFDM 35-tone: I had a similar waveform (40 Baud and 50 Hz channel separation) with PSK-4 modulation, this waveform shows the same values of speed and channel separation but the modulation in absolute/relative positions is BPSK (Pic. 2). Signal has been resampled at 8000 Hz. The same waveform is also reported in this discussion in radioscanner.ru forum. 

Pic.2 - OFDM parameters and modulation in channels
Moreover, phase in carriers #1-2-3 and #33-34-35 does not change in relative constellation then they are not modulated altough they could carry service informations. Looking deeper at the signal, in this case I used the software tools "baudline - signal analyzer" (http://www.baudline.com/), some channels in time change their modulation (Pic. 3) and it would take a much more in-depth analysis.

Pic. 3 - the same signal as seen in baudline

The signal was heard today (31 August) in the morning at 0750z and tuned on 16120.8 KHz on USB: the recording is available on request.

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