1 April 2015

THALES TRC-1752 Stanag-4285 FEC

I herad this signal on 31 Mar on 12857.0 USB around 1850z. My analysis matches the one by radioscanner.ru shown here: http://signals.radioscanner.ru/base/signal101/

THALES TRC-1752 STANAG 4285 FEC has all the characteristics inherent STANAG-4285 (serial tone carrier 1800 Hz, speed 2400 baud and modulation PSK-8) except for the phase constellation of the preamble.THALES TRC-1752 uses a 'special' preamble with 5-ary constellation maybe for receivers tuning purposes.


I had a bit of luck to (clearly) listen and take the preamble of such transmissions: here the preamble is very short, anyway we can appreciate the 5-ary

TRC-1752 modem seems to be replaced by the HF Multi Mode modem TRC 177X family. 


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