15 March 2015

LINK-11 CLEW, conventional waveform

LINK-11 is identical with the US armed forces’ Tactical  Digital  Information Link A, TADIL and is defined by the United States Department of Defense as MIL-STD-6011.
LINK-11 comes in two waveroms: the original Conventional  Link  Eleven  Waveform (CLEW) and Single (serial) tone Link Eleven Waveform (SLEW).

The LINK-11 Conventional Waveform (CLEW) uses 16 tones with a tone spacing of 110 Hz and a doppler tone (on the left), the 14 data tones and then the synchronisation tone.

Number of channels: 14 +1 doppler-tone + 1 syncronization tone
Manipulation in the channels: DQPSK
Step between channels (frequency net/grid): 110 Hz
Manipulation speed: 75
Sampling rate of signals formation: 11025 Hz
Symbols length (LS) with CP, in samplings: 147
Length of defensive interval (LG), in samplings: 47
Symbols length (LU), block size IFFT/FFT, in samplings: 100 

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