26 January 2015


This is a poor reception of the CLOVER-2000 waveform as from my log:
25/01/15 11350.0 GANOB1 "unid prob. GMRA Libya" 1427 "ALE/USB clg HQ3 then into CLOVER-2000"
CLOVER-2000 uses 8 250Hz wide tone-pulse subcarriers that are each offset from the base tone by 2ms, so that every 16ms all eight tone pulses transmit their cycle. CLOVER-2000 uses PSK or QAM modulation and occupies 2 kHz of bandwidth in contrast to CLOVER-II's 500Hz of bandwidth. The symbol rate for CLOVER-2000 is always 62.5bd for all modes, double the symbol rate of CLOVER-II. 
CLOVER-2000 is discussed here in radioscanner.ru 

Below the PSK-16 constellation from a different sample:

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