5 July 2017

unid STANAG-5066 RCOP/UDOP client, Swedish Army (update-1)

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timestamp header

A recent copy of S-5066 transmissions exhibits a change of paradigm in the so-termed "wrapper" protocol (depicted in the previous post), more precisely the content length of the header Timestamp is reduced from 10 to 9 bytes: 

Fig. 1
Most likely - supposing that the granularity of the timestamp is within 1 mesc - the change happened in coincidence with the reset of the timestamp, ie on 2 July 00:00:00 UTC as can be deduced from a simple calculation (time and date of reception has been taken as the starting date!) and the exposed timestamp (296595868):

Fig. 2
Other than a RCOP new transfer (the above copies regard UDOP protocol), we have also to wait for a capture of a multi-block transmissions to verify if the MTU too is changed.
Note that the copied transmission also offers the opportunity to see the new magic string "ZXPBG", so far never encountered.

For what concerns the source/destination IDs, I could find a possible clue about "HWK01".
Sweden Air Defense Regiment has two air defence battalions equipped with Robotsystem 70 (RBS 70) and Robotsystem 97 (RBS 97): 
Recently, defence and security company SAAB has signed a contract with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) for a service life extension of the RBS 97 air defence missile system, this order ensures the continuing effectiveness of a missile system that is the backbone of Sweden's two air defence battalions:
The RBS 97 is a surface-to-air missile system that is better known as "HAWK", then  it could be that HWK01 = HAWK 01 = Air Defence Battalion 1.
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