17 August 2015

TRITON-FRONTEX mission: Portuguese Units comms

STANAG-4197 16-tone data transfer
operators chat

17-Aug-2015, 1540z on 20477.0 KHz on USB
operators chat download

Data transfer on STANAG-4197 (16-tone) [3] followed by operators chat in Portoguese language, which is the most interesting part of the listening. This talk is between the main station (female operator, probably land station) and a Portuguese asset (vessel or aircraft), as I think. 
Main station operator asks to confirm the timetables of start and end contact (1337z, 1350z) and the relative positions. Well, from what I can translate, the positions are:
37°09'54'' North, 018°24'30" East (@ 1337z)
37°14' North, 17°58' East (@ 1350z) 
just in between Sicily Island (Italy) and Greece, in south Mediterranean, moving from East to Ovest.

The terms "parado na agua" (=stationary in the water) and "imigrantes" (=immigrants) are distinguishable, possibly one the of two  timetable-position pairs (the first ?) is related the immigrants ship, i.e. sighting and ship position. 
Anyway, the distance between these two points and the elapsed time leads to think of a Portuguese AF airborne. Now, given the geographical area and the translation,although partial, I just think to operational communications by Portoguese units engaged in Triton-Frontex mission: they have a Lockheed P-3C CUP+ ORION [1] (AF) and the vessel NRP Viana do Castelo [2] (Navy), as part of that mission. 
It's my guess, so maybe I could be wrong. Here the link to the chat,  hope that someone will download and translate the file so to confirm or comment this post: operators chat

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