6 April 2015

listening to ACARS in HF (HFDL, Arinc-635)

Ground Station #6 Hat Yai in Thailand (Longitude 100.23.24 E, Latitude 6.56.23  N) working the flight UAE383 over Eastern India, both listened on 13270.0 kHz / USB.
Down in the screenshot, notice the squitters received from the Ground Station.

Below, flight VJ0647, over Vietnam, and flight GA0650, over Sulawesi (between Borneo and the Moluccas), both in traffic with the Ground Station in San Francisco (US). In these two cases, not having received squitters, I heard only aircrafts (freq. 13276.0 KHz/USB).

Notice that Sulawesi is about 11600 Km from my antenna.

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