10 March 2015

"The Cuban Lady" (HM01), 8 RDFT tones

HM01 is the Enigma designatore for number station "The Cuban Lady" and it's operated by Cuban Intelligence Directorate (DGI). As its name suggestsd Mixed Mode V02a (voice) + SK01 (RDFT) boadcsated in AM, they use an hybrid mode composed of voice (V02a) in AM modulation and data-transfer in RDTF mode (SK01), where RDTF stands for Redundant Digital File Transfer, a differential phase shift keying mode  that has never become a standard in comunications.

The RDTF portions of the signal are created using the free program DIGTRX, which can be used by anyone to retrieve the contents, which are .TXT files with binary, encrypted data.  Cuban intelligence is currently its only user (as far as we know).


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