1 March 2015


The two Italian HF CODARs (COastal RADar) installed in Tuscany and belonging to the SICOMAR project (CONTROL SYSTEM Marino). The HF radar sub-net with two Sea-Sonde antennas 13.5 MHz was installed in January 2015 in Livorno (Italian Naval Academy) and in San Vincenzo (Harbor building). 

The system acquired in the framework of the SICOMAR project (cross-border Italy-France program) to support safety at sea and marine monitoring, managed by LaMMA Consortium (CNR-Regione Toscana and Italian Navy). The monitoring system includes a fully equipped Wave Glider, two Ferryboxes (on the ship routes Livorno-Bastia-Toulon and Livorno-Cagliari), integrated with an existing network of buoys and X-band wave radars, and HR predictive models.

Bandwidth 100KHz, output power 40 Watt, modulation  linear FMCW, sweep-rate 2sps down-chirp

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