24 January 2015

unid ALE network, maybe GMRA

heard just this afternoon, 24 January, on 11135.0 KHz/USB:

11135.0 GANOB10 unid 1424 USB/MIL-STD 188-141A clg HQ3
11135.0 GANOB1 unid 1430 USB/MIL-STD 188-141A clg GANOB10 (rptd 1438)
11135.0 GANOB10 unid 1446 USB/MIL-STD 188-141A clg HQ4 + short (male) voice call
11135.0 GANOB8 unid 1455 USB/MIL-STD 188-141A clg HQ4
11135.0 GAN unid 1505 USB/MIL-STD 188-141A clg HQ4

HQ stands certainly for Head Quarter, but no idea about IDs and network. "Still no positive id. But as the GMRA net is still alive and uses some of the same freqs as GANOB/GHARB and as they are also using the HQ!, HQ2 etc calls, I still think that there is a link." Ary Boender says about my question posted to UDXF group.

GMRA is short for Great Man-made River Authority, a huge water project in Libya:

GMRR logo

The GMRA was very active on HF until the war and they haven’t heard since 2011. About two months ago Ary found unid station GHARB1 wkg HQ2 and soon after that several other stations. Most on the old GMRA freqs and just like in the old days many traffic to and from several HQ stations. That made me think that it was them. Bruno recently copied GHADAMES which wa one of the old GMRA stations, so the net seems to be alive again. As the newly found stations GHARBx and GANOBx are using a number of the same freqs and all work with HQx,
I am pretty sure that this is the same net.

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