14 December 2014

OSY - Sailmail Radio (Bugge, Belgium)

The callsign OSY is a Sailmail Radio located in Brugge (Belgium) and belonging to the Sailmail - Global SSB Email service (http://www.sailmail.com).
OSY uses 4 transceivers and operate the frequencies 6330.5, 8422, 12580.5, 16684.5 (KHz/USB) providing its email service in Pactor, Pactor-II, Pactor-III, and Pactor 4.
(take a look here for technical information about PACTOR-III systems)

But, waht is a sailmail radio?
The SailMail Association is a non-profit association of yacht owners that operates and maintains two FCC licensed, two-way, private coast stations in the Maritime Mobile Radio Service.  The Association provides radioprinter (e.g. Internet email) communications for its members on a cooperative basis, in order to meet the private business and operational
needs of the members' yachts.

Every SailMail station provides service in Pactor, Pactor-II, Pactor-III, and Pactor 4,  standard Pactor selcall mechanism and periodic CW identification. Ships use their allocated maritime callsigns as addresses.

Below a decoded Pactor-III transmission just from OSY: destinations ship is S8508

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