7 December 2014

Unid possible Italian CG selcall ?

these are just the days of odd signals: after the "flute" heard some days ago, today a series of short (23 secs) FSK messages heard on 8015.6 KHz/USB from 1405z and it's still going on when I'm writing this post.

As you can see, the signal is composed of three state:
- preamble, 2 seconds
- the body of the message, 8 seconds
- the final part, 13 seconds 

schedule: every minute, from (mm):45 to (mm +1):08
FSK features: shift 170 Hz and apparent speed of 100 baud

The signal, file name is 8015_6_KHz.wav can be heard here

This appears to be some kind of (collective?) selcall used by the SAR of the Italian Coast Guard (Capitaneria di Porto - Guardia Costiera), a branch of the Italian Navy:

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