16 November 2014

"S" Cluster Beacon (Severomorsk)

Yesterday eve I heard for the first time the couple of cluster beacons S D, while usually the couple that is heard is C D. I heard the "S" on 8494.6 KHz at 2036z.  Note that in the main waterfall (below in the reception window) you see only the D beacon: this is received with a stronger signal to my antenna given its relative proximity (Sevastopol, about 1800 Km)) compared to beacon S that comes from Severomorsk, about 3200 Km far from my antenna.

The location of the "S" beacon has often been discussed. Arkhangelsk was mostly mentioned as possible location. Murmansk is another one. Neither one is correct, though. The location is Severomorsk, near Murmansk. Severomorsk is the big military port and airfield complex, Murmansk is 99% civilian. Arkhangelsk is largely abandoned except for units supporting the building and trials of vessels.

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