2 November 2014

BPM (Time Service)

BPM is the call sign of the official short-wave time signal service of the People's Republic of China, operated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, broadcasting from CAS's National Time Service Center in Pucheng County, Shaanxi roughly 70 km northeast of Lintong, along with NTSC's long-wave time signal BPL on 100 kHz. 

Heard this eve from 2150 to 2205z on 10000.0 Khz, a short recording  here  performed at 2200z (morse coded ID and voice annoumcement by female).

Frequencies: 2500, 5000, 10000, 15000 kHz
Carrier accuracy: Δf / f < 10-11

Call sign: BPM
Location: Pucheng County, 70 km NE Lintong, China. Approx. 35° 00' N, 109° 30' E
Operating hours: 0730-1100 on 2500 kHz, 0100-0900 on 15000 kHz, continuous on 5000 and 10000 kHz
Power: Unknown

Modulation: AM; tones and voice. UTC time signals are broadcast 20 ms in advance of UTC.
Identification signal: Call sign in morse and voice announcement in Chinese in minute 29 and 59

Programme: Repeats every 30 minutes (see belowTable 3)

Time code: None, but NTSC has announced in 2003 that "BPM will disseminate the standard
time code after a technical reconstruction"

Further information: National Time Service Center (NTSC)
http://kyc.ntsc.ac.cn/, http://www.time.ac.cn/

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